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Michael T. Kirsch

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The NASA Technical Standards Program is sponsored by the NASA Chief Engineer. The program's website provides access to standards from over 100 standards developing organizations, including DOD and NASA.

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NESC Overview

NASA Engineering and Safety Center's (NESC) mission is to perform value-added independent testing, analysis, and assessments of NASA's high-risk projects to ensure safety and mission success. The NESC engages proactively to help NASA avoid future problems.  + Read More

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Virtual PM Challenge Logo Ten Years and Counting - The NESC
     Presented by Ralph R. Roe, Jr.
     Moderated by Timmy R. Wilson
     Introductory Remarks by Robert M. Lightfoot

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Submitting Requests

Do you have a technical concern?
Please contact the NESC.

If you would like to submit a technical
request anonymously, please mail it to:

NASA Langley Research Center
Mail Stop 118
Hampton, VA 23681


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