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Armstrong Success Stories

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NASA Spinoff Successes from Armstrong

Aero truck

Aerodynamics Research Revolutionizes Truck Design →
Thanks to the ingenuity of a Armstrong Flight Research Center researcher bicycling through the California desert and a team of engineers in Virginia, the shape of rigs and recreational vehicles today owes as much to the skies as it does the open road.

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Hybrid Modeling Improves Health and Performance Monitoring →
Scientific Monitoring Inc. worked with Armstrong under an SBIR contract to create a new, simplified health-monitoring approach for some of the Agency’s flight vehicles and flight equipment. The company has now released a commercial health- and performance-monitoring software product called I-Trend for its intelligent trending, diagnostic, and prognostic capabilities.

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Advanced Air Data Systems for Commercial Aircraft  →
Armstrong has been working with Ophir Corporation since 1985 on many projects, one of which was a new approach to Optical Air Data Systems (OADS). Through its efforts to develop a lidar OADS for modern aircraft, Ophir has developed a technology it calls senseAir, which overcomes the traditional difficulties of determining the characteristics of the air outside of the boundary layer of an aircraft.

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Harnessing the Power of the Sun →
The Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (ERAST) Alliance was created in 1994 to foster development of remotely piloted aircraft for scientific, humanitarian, and commercial purposes. SunPower Corporation worked with Armstrong to create high-efficiency silicon cells for the NASA/AeroVironment Helios and Pathfinder solar-powered aircraft as an alternative source of power that did not add weight.

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