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NASA Ames Technologies for Licensing
December 11, 2014

The Technology Partnerships Division at Ames was formed to develop and expand partnerships between NASA and U.S. industrial firms for innovative technology development. To learn more about our capabilities and how NASA can help your organization achieve its goals, please contact our office at 1-855-6272-249.

Some of our most recent portfolio additions:

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Based Fabrication of Printable Electronics and Functional Coatings

Algae Photobioreactor Using Floating Enclosures With Semi-Permeable Membranes

Characterization of Bioelectric Potentials

Metal Oxide-Vertical Graphene Hybrid Supercapacitors

Method for Constructing Composite Response Surfaces by Combining Neural Networks with Other Interpolation or Estimation Techniques

Surface Emitting Lasers Improve Communications

Increased Alignment in Carbon Nanotube Growth

Hybrid Diagnostic Engine (HyDE) For Fault Analysis

Artificial Immune System-Based Approach For Air Combat Maneuvering

Method and Device for Biometric Verification and Identification

System for Performing Single Query Searches of Heterogeneous and Dispersed Database

Graphene Composite Materials for Supercapacitor Electrodes

Monitoring and Control of Each Nanosatellite within a Cluster of Nanosatellites

Time-Synchronized Visualization of Arbitrary Data Streams for Real-Time Monitoring and Historical Analysis

Lightweight Grid Middleware Using Existing Secure Shell Infrastructure

A New Family of Low-Density, Flexible Ablators

Radiation Shielding Systems Using Nanotechnology

Carbon Nanotube Purification

Variable Camber Aerodynamic Control Surfaces and Active Wing Shaping Control

Carbon Nanotube Tower-Based Supercapacitor

Finite-Difference Simulation and Visualization of Elastodynamics in Time-Evolving Generalized Curvilinear Coordinates

Light Collimator and Monitor for a Spectroradiometer

Real Time Oil Reservoir Evaluation Using Nanotechnology

Detection Of Presence Of Chemical Precursors

Retinal Light Processing Using Carbon Nanotubes

Ordered Biological Nanostructures Formed From Chaperonin Polypeptides

Making Mesh Buckypaper Capsules for Transplantation of Cells and Implantation of Medical Devices

Co-Optimization of Blunt Body Shapes for Moving Vehicles

Strobing to Mitigate Vibration for Display Legibility

Habitat Water Wall for Water, Solids, and Atmosphere Recycle and Reuse

Nanosensor Array for Medical Diagnoses

A Method for Improving Control Systems with Normalized Adaptation by Optimal Control Modification

Reconfigurable Image Generator and Database Generation System

Electrical Response Using Nanotubes on a Fibrous Substrate

Detection of Gases and Vapors Present at Low Concentrations

Nanostructure-Based Vacuum Channel Transistor

Gas Sensors Based on Coated and Doped Carbon Nanotubes

HeartBeatID - Heart Electrical Actions as Biometric Indicia

Nanowire-Based Piezoelectric Power Generation

Fabrication of Nanopipe/e Arrays for Biosensing

Solar Powered Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Conversion

System and Method for Providing a Real Time Audible Message to a Pilot

Copper Nanowire Production for Interconnect Applications

Soil Remediation With Plant-Fungal Combinations

Nanosatellite Launch Adapter System

Variable Geometry Aircraft Wing Supported By Struts and/or Trusses

Woven Thermal Protection System

Decomposition Technique for Remaining Useful Life Prediction

Optical Fiber for Solar Cells

HEAT Sensor for Thermal Protection Systems

Contaminated Water Treatment

Modification of Surface Density of a Porous Medium

Versatile Honeycomb Matrix Heat Shield

Dielectrophoresis-Based Particle Sensor Using Nanoelectrode Arrays

Solid And Liquid Waste Drying Bag

Growth Method for Chalcongenide Phase-Change Nanostructures

Nanostructure Sensor of Presence and Concentration of a Target Molecule

Visual Instrument Sensor Organ Replacement (VISOR)

Nanoengineered Thermal Materials Based On Carbon Nanotube Array Composites

Context Based Configuration Management System

Reconfigurable Auditory-Visual Display

Selective Access and Editing in a Database

Coated or Doped Carbon Nanotube Network Sensors as affected by Environmental Parameters

Rapid Polymer Sequencer

Automated Vision Test

Electronic Firefighter Escape Trail

Method and System for Dynamic Automated Corrections to Weather Avoidance Routes for Aircraft in En-Route Airspace

Nanosensor/Cell Phone Hybrid Instrument for Detecting Chemicals and Concentrations


Sub-Audible Speech Recognition Based on Electromyographic Signals

ShuttleSCAN 3-D

Selective Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes Based Upon Distance Traveled


Project Management Tool

Health Monitoring for Complex Systems

Powder Handling Device for Analytical Instruments

Multi-User Investigation Organizer

Trajectory Specification for High Capacity Air Traffic Control

Simplified Night Sky Display System

Motion Blur Evaluation Technique

Advanced Sensor Technology for Algal Biotechnology

Truss Beam with Self-Aligning Adaptors

Detecting High Stress in Interviews and Text

Surface Attached BioReactor (SABR) for Microbial Cell Cultivation

Re-entry Vehicle Shape for Enhanced Performance

Gas Composition Sensing using Carbon Nanotube Arrays

Patterned Carbon Nanotube Arrays For Display Purposes



Video Acuity Measurement System

Transformable and Reconfigurable Entry, Descent and Landing Systems and Methods

Application of Carbon Nanotube Hold-off Voltage for Determining Gas Composition

Toughened Uni-piece Fibrous Reinforced Oxidation-Resistant Composite (TUFROC)

Ultra High Temperature Ceramics (UHTC)

Hovercraft Landing System

Carbon Nanotube Array Biosensors

High Efficiency Tantalum-based Ceramic Composite (HETC) Structures

Enhanced Auditory Alert Systems - Methods and systems for enhanced auditory alert perception

Carbon Nanotube Density and Height - Method uses electricity and temperature to control CNT growth density

Spatial Standard Observer (SSO) - A tool to measure visibility in tasks, displays, and interfaces

FACET - Future Air Traffic Management Concepts Evaluation Tool

Chemical Nanosensor - Nanostructure Sensing and Transmission of Gas Data

Photogrammetric Recession Measurement - Method to measure the recession of ablative materials

Adaptive Controller for Complex Dynamical Systems - Real-Time minimization of tracking error for aircraft systems

Interactive Inventory Monitoring - Inventory monitoring program using an RFID-based system

Model-Based Prognostics For Batteries - Prognostics and estimation of remaining useful life of energy storage devices

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