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NASA Ames Research Center Testing Facilities

Wind Tunnel Testing

Our premier wind tunnel facilities have a broad range of proven testing capabilities to customers from industry, DOD, other government agencies, and academia. Recent facility modernization efforts have also resulted in significant improvements to systems directly affecting both data quality and testing productivity. Customers of Ames wind tunnels also have available a host of NASA's technical and analytical capabilities including: engineering, fabrication, CFD support, and consulting and troubleshooting with aerodynamic and acoustic experts. For more information, click here.

Arc Jet Testing

The Arc Jet Complex has seven available test bays. At the present time, four bays contain Arc Jet units of differing configurations, serviced by common facility support equipment. These are the Aerodynamic Heating Facility (AHF), the Turbulent Flow Duct (TFD), the Panel Test Facility (PTF), and the Interactive Heating Facility (IHF). The support equipment includes two D.C. power supplies, a steam ejector-driven vacuum system, a water-cooling system, high-pressure gas systems, data acquisition system, and other auxiliary systems. For more information, click here.

Flight Simulators

The facility provides researchers with exceptional tools to explore, define, and solve issues in both aircraft and spacecraft design. It offers fast and cost-effective solutions using real-time piloted simulation, realistic sensory cues, and the greatest motion range of any flight simulator in the world. For more information, click here.

20-G Centrifuge

The 20-G centrifuge is a machine that creates artificial gravity forces by spinning and can simulate up to 20 times the normal forces of gravity we experience on Earth. NASA has teamed up with universities to study ways to reduce the adverse effects of space travel has on astronauts' physical heath. For more information, click here.

Hover Test Facility

The Jet Calibration and Hover Test Facility at NASA Ames has been constructed to perform small scale experiments in hot gas ingestion and jet effects for aircrafts and UAVs. NASA Ames Research Center is collaborating with a commercial partner to develop a lunar lander for future low-cost missions to the moon. For more information, click here.

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