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Exploration Systems Development Division (ESD)
ESD is a division within the HEO Mission Directorate that integrates a portfolio of incrementally-developed capabilities that are managed as loosely-coupled programs. Exploration Systems Development Division (ESD) has been charged to oversee the development of nation’s next generation of human exploration systems. ESD Responsibilities include: Provide HEO MD with insight and oversight of programs developing human exploration capabilities (MPCV, SLS, and 21st Century Ground Systems), Complete Constellation Transition during FY11, Manage cross-program integration across MPCV, SLS and 21CGS Programs (Manage interfaces between programs and cross-program risks as well as ensure cross-program integration is occurring).

Program Integration with an increased focus on affordability is being addressed through requirements development, management approaches, and procurement strategies. ESD is pursuing “light touch” integration through two offices within ESD (Cross-Program Systems Integration (CSI) and Programmatic & Strategic Integration (PSI)).

HQ Integration approach employs a lean staff at HQ with strategic reach back to Centers, including a small number of FTEs at HEOMD to lead critical activities, the majority of workforce is drawn from within MPCV, SLS, and 21CGS Programs, and, as appropriate, some center assets will be used to directly support ESD level activities.

Review Status: The ESD was chartered as a program review by the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD). The ESD SRR/MDR was conducted in November, 2011, and the results presented to the DPMC in January 2012.
Review Manager: Arthur Sparrow