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Established locally in 2010, NASA's Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy, or SEMAA, at Martin University actively engages first- through 12th-grade students from the Indianapolis City School District. Located on the campus of Martin University, the NASA SEMAA project aims to serve hundreds of underrepresented and underserved students throughout each year. SEMAA is offered as a safe, free, after-school science, engineering and math enrichment project at local schools within the participating school districts.

At its host institution, SEMAA features hands-on activities, field trips and various team activities and projects that encompass problem-solving and engineering design challenges. NASA provides the content and training is available for all instructors.

The Aerospace Education Laboratory, or AEL, at Martin University consists of 10 computerized research workstations that provide NASA SEMAA students with real-life aerospace challenges involving science, engineering, mathematics and NASA technology; a wind tunnel; and a flight simulator. In addition to middle and high school students, the AEL is available at no cost to local engineering students, pre-service teachers, faculty, students, teachers, parent and caregivers, and other community members.

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Lucinda S. Miller
2171 Avondale Place
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Phone: 317-509-4018
E-mail: lmiller@Martin.edu
Grade Levels: 1-12

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