SEMAA Success Stories

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SEMAA Success Stories

A collage of three students NASA SEMAA Students Pursue STEM Degrees and Impact the STEM Workforce
Six SEMAA graduates received the 2008 NASA SEMAA Next Generation Pioneer Award. This prestigious national award is presented annually to leading NASA SEMAA graduates for their long term participation in SEMAA and subsequent accomplishments related to the study of STEM.

A photo of an airplane flying next to a photo of students and a mentor sitting next to a large model plane NASA SEMAA Students "Build and Soar" in Miami
In Miami, 30 NASA SEMAA students participated in building a single-engine airplane as part of the "Build & Soar" program.

A collage of photos National Research Council Recognizes SEMAA
The National Research Council recognized NASA SEMAA as an excellent project for reaching underserved students.

Three men and a woman stand together holding a plaque with the Washington Monument in the background Harvard Recognizes NASA SEMAA as a Top Government Innovator
On September 24, 2007, Harvard University presented NASA SEMAA with a Finalist Award for the 2007 Innovations in American Government Award Competition.

A young man places something onto a test area using a syringe while another student looks on Three NASA SEMAA Sites Collaborate on National Science Foundation Grant
NASA SEMAA sites at Tennessee, New Mexico and Florida are collaborating on a grant from the National Science Foundation.

A picture of three young people wearing white shirts NASA SEMAA Students Pursue STEM Degrees/Impact STEM Workforce
Three SEMAA graduates received the 2007 NASA SEMAA Next Generation Pioneer Award.

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