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SEMAA Sixth Graders

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Welcome Mars Explorers

Use the information on this page to explore the living conditions and topographic features of Mars as students operate a remote control vehicle on a simulated Martian surface. Students will also get lost in space as they explore and compare the environments of Earth, Saturn and Pluto.

Mars and Rovers

A balloon-powered rover climbs over a rockMake a Balloon-powered Nanorover!
Roving a "mini-planet" calls for a "mini-rover."
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Graphic showing a vehicle on the moon Moon and Mars
Find many articles, images and videos that relate to NASA's goal to head back to the moon and on to Mars.
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Artist's concept of the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers
Students will find videos, feature articles, news, images and more at this site dedicated to the Mars Exploration Rovers.
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Artist concept of a human outpost on Mars Mars: NASA Explores the Red Planet
Students will find quick links, program information, pictures, videos and podcasts all relating to the exploration of Mars.
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artist concept of Mars Science Laboratory and Clara Ma NASA Selects Student's Entry as New Mars Rover Name
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory rover, scheduled for launch in 2011, has a new name thanks to a sixth-grade student from Kansas.
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Collage of the Martian landscape Mars as Art
Images from Mars missions are striking and unusual.
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Spirit rover on Mars Five Years and Still Roving Mars
The Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were expected to work for three months, maybe six. But five years later, they are still exploring the Red Planet.
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Mars What Is Mars?
Earth's next-door neighbor is often called the Red Planet because of its red soil.
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A view of our solar system showing the five planets closest to the sun Our Solar System
Students can learn about the solar system and all the planets, as well as find comparison charts between all of the planets. Explanations of items such as the Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud and more are ...
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Homework Topics

Two boys studying Have Homework About NASA?
Find answers to questions about NASA missions, vehicles, science topics and more!

Career Corner

Cartoon showing spaceship and small astronaut on the surface of the moon with Earth in the distance Want to Work at NASA?
Find career information, and learn more about what people do at NASA.

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