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SEMAA Classes: Academic Year Curriculum Enhancement Activities
September 27, 2010


Kindergarten: Rocketeers
Students explore dressing and traveling in space as they journey to the moon.

Grade 1: Star Scouts
Students explore the impact of microgravity and air pressure on human space travel.

Grade 2: Comet Busters
Students investigate the composition of asteroids, comments and meteors, and their effect on the environmental essentials for human survival in space.

Grade 3: Space Travelers
Students explore eating and working in space as they enlist in astronaut training and construct a model for an International Space Station.

Grade 4: Junior Astronauts
Students explore the effects of space travel on the human body and design a machine that will help astronauts perform a specific task in space.

Grade 5: Moon Walkers
Students explore the sizes, gravity factors and other physical characteristics of the planets as they construct a simulated solar system different from our own.

Grade 6: Mars Explorers
Students explore the living conditions and topographic features of Mars as they operate a remote control vehicle on a simulated Martian surface.

Grade 7: Young Aviators
Students explore the concept of flight as they design and launch a hot air balloon, study weather patterns, construct a map with legends and scales for navigation, and practice radio aircraft communication.


Grade 8: Pilots
Students explore the control surfaces of conventional aircraft, study local weather conditions using sensors, use time zone and topographic maps to determine safe arrival times and altitudes, and calculate airspeed as effected by headwinds and tailwinds as they conduct a cross-country flight in virtual reality.

Grade 9: Space Scientists
Students explore the concept of microgravity as they record and analyze acceleration environments created by different motions, create a model of how astronauts orbit the Earth and determine the mass of objects using an inertial balance.

Grade 10: Researchers
Students further explore the concept of microgravity as they record and analyze candle flame properties in freefall and use vibrating platforms to simulate the motion of atoms as a solid material is heated.

Grade 11: SEMAA Research Consultants
Students engage in authentic research as they embark on small group investigations in the areas of aerospace, planetary exploration and remote sensing.

Grade 12: SEMAA Interns
Students gain internship experiences according to Individualized Education Plans developed through academic advisement and Internet research.

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A group of teenage students
Students study a wide variety of content during the school year.
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An artist's drawing of a Mars outpost
Caption for journeying to the red planet.
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