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Learning Activities

Train Like an Astronaut! NASA Fit Explorer
Families will learn about the physical fitness requirements of living and working in space. These hands-on science activities relate physical Earth-based needs to the requirements of exploring space and assist students in gaining additional understanding of the science behind nutrition and physical fitness.

Image of the night sky with the words What's Up? What's Up?  →
Backyard astronomy can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Each month, this section of the SEMAA website will let you know “What’s up” in the evening sky. The “What’s Up” video podcasts are developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Happy star gazing!

Adventures in Rockets Adventures in Rocket Science Educator Guide
This guide contains 25 activities designed for after-school programs. Participants learn about the history and principles of rocketry and NASA's newest rockets -- Ares I and Ares V.

Illustration of a bottle rocket launcher Water Rocket Launcher
Use simple tools to construct a soda bottle rocket launcher using "off-the-shelf" hardware and wood.

Illustration of a rocket Build a Bubble-Powered Rocket!  →
Build your own rocket using paper and fizzing tablets! Watch it lift off. How high does your rocket go?

DIY Podcast Do-It-Yourself Podcasts
Create your own podcast with NASA video and audio clips.

NASA eClips™logo NASA eClips™
Use these educational video segments to inspire and engage students.

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