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Aerospace Education Laboratory Overview

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The AEL is a state-of-the-art, electronically enhanced, computerized classroom that puts cutting-edge technology at the fingertips of NASA SEMAA students in middle and high school; it engages students in real world challenges relative to both aeronautics and space exploration. The AEL houses real aerospace hardware and software including an Advanced Flight Simulator, a laboratory-grade, a research wind tunnel, and a working, short-wave radio receiver and hand-held global positioning systems, or GPS, for aviation.

There are currently 23 AELs located throughout the Country and in Puerto Rico, including one at each of the 15 SEMAA sites. Classes are conducted in the AEL utilizing different scenarios covering all of NASA's science and technical missions. In addition to serving as a state of-the-art laboratory for SEMAA classes, the AEL also engages community groups, outside organizations, and the general public at large in exciting outreach programs conducted year-round. The AEL workstations are equipped with aerospace hardware and software that model real-world challenges in the areas of aeronautics and microgravity. In ten unique workstations, visitors can explore technology through 'hands on/minds on' activities that model real-world challenges in aerospace.

Aeronautics Workstations:
-- Meteorology / Weather
-- Virtual Reality Flight Station
-- Wind Tunnel Control Station
-- Remote Sensing
-- GPS/Amateur Radio
-- Internet/World Wide Web
-- Aircraft Design Station
-- Aeronautics Interactive
-- Resource Center
-- Activity Center
Microgravity Workstations:
-- Biotechnology/Material Science
-- Fluids Physics/Combustion Sci.
-- Global Positioning System
-- International Space Station Virtual Reality Tour
-- Living in Microgravity
-- Microgravity Demonstrator
-- Microgravity Interactive
-- Robotics in Microgravity
-- Resource Center
-- Virtual Reality


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