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NES School Recognition Examples
September 19, 2012
NASA Explorer Schools recognizes schools where three or more teachers participate in the project by providing an opportunity for them to participate in a unique NASA-related experience.

To be eligible for this recognition experience, schools must:

  • Have at least three NES teachers at the school, one of whom has demonstrated in-depth use of NES classroom resources.
  • Submit an application describing their efforts to engage the schoolwide population in NES activities.

More information about this year's school recognition opportunity will be available this fall.

Examples of exemplary NES school participation

Ellen Ochoa Learning Center, California: All sixth-grade used NASA materials to study the electromagnetic spectrum, UV radiation, and Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere. NASA Now classroom videos helped illuminate and explore topics being studied in these units.

Key Peninsula Middle School, Washington state: School staff organized multiple schoolwide, family, and community events, including an event with astronaut Nicholas Patrick. The school also offered three NASA-themed electives in their course offerings.

Schools showed exemplary classroom practices and innovative use of NASA. Explorer Schools resources to engage students across the nation in STEM activities.

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