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NES Video Chat: Astronaut Stephanie Wilson: Living and Working in Space
May 2, 2014

[image-51]Date: May 2, 2014
Time: 3:00 p.m. EDT
Topic: Astronaut Mission Specialist Stephanie Wilson
Grades: 4-12
Career: Mission Specialist Astronaut: Mission specialists work with the commander and pilot and have overall responsibility for coordinating mission operations. Mission specialists are trained in the details of the onboard systems, as well as the operational characteristics, mission requirements/objectives, and supporting equipment/systems for each of the experiments conducted on their assigned missions. Mission specialists may perform spacewalks and operate the remote manipulator system; they are responsible for payloads and specific experiment operations.

Stephanie Wilson was selected to become an astronaut in April 1996. She completed two years of training and evaluation and qualified for flight assignment as a mission specialist. She served as a Capsule Communicator in the Astronaut Office, working in mission control as a prime communicator with several space shuttle and space station crews. Following her work in mission control, Wilson was assigned technical duties involving the space shuttle main engines, external tank and solid rocket boosters.

In July 2006, Wilson flew as a mission specialist on shuttle mission STS-121. Following STS-121, she performed robotics procedure reviews and served as a robotics mentor and instructor astronaut. In fall 2007, Wilson was part of the crew of shuttle mission STS-120. Following STS-120, she served joint duty in both the Astronaut Office Exploration and International Space Station Branches. For the International Space Station Branch, Wilson was the Astronaut Office’s primary representative to the generic joint Space Shuttle and Space Station Operations Panel. For the Exploration Branch, she was the Astronaut Office representative for the Orion Communications and Tracking System. In May 2009, Wilson was assigned to STS-131, which flew in 2010. Following STS-131, she served as the Space Station Integration Branch Chief. A veteran of three spaceflights, Wilson has logged more than 42 days in space.

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Stephanie Wilson works with robotic controls on the space station
Stephanie Wilson works with robotic controls on the International Space Station.
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