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Summer Aerospace Workforce Development Research Internship Project
December 31, 2009

[Students Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

NASA Summer Aerospace Workforce Development Research Internship Project, or SAWDRIP, is a 10-week, summer internship in collaboration with NASA Goddard Office of Higher Education, the Maryland Space Business Roundtable, or MSBR, and Maryland Space Grant Consortium. Undergraduate and graduate students are placed in state-of-the-art projects with aerospace companies to mold students' internship experience to skills marketable to both NASA and aerospace companies that support NASA. MSBR serves as the forum to announce and endorse this unique project to their aerospace membership. SAWDRIP enables these companies to engage in a unique partnership opportunity to cultivate and inspire the future workforce of the U.S. space program. Companies that wish to participate are able to "try out" a future candidate, enabling the student and mentor to build loyalty and perhaps a place on the company's team.

NASA Contact
David Rosage
Goddard Space Flight Center
Phone: (301) 286-0904
E-mail: david.j.rosage@nasa.gov

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