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Student Volunteer Service Project
June 21, 2013

[Students Grades 11-Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

The Student Volunteer Service Project gives qualified students a means to volunteer their services to the Marshall Space Flight Center, gain work experience and knowledge and engage in early career exploration. Selected students who show outstanding promise, particularly in scientific subjects, are allowed to work on a nonpaying, voluntary basis at Marshall during a specific time and under the direction of a designated MSFC employee. Participation is limited to students who are U.S. citizens, at least 16 years of age, and at least a junior in high school. Applications are available from Tina.C.Atchley@nasa.gov.

NASA Contact
Ms. Tina Atchley  / USRA
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Academic Affairs Office
Mail Code HS30
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812
Phone: 256-961-1362
Fax: 256-544-8549
Email: Tina.C.Atchley@nasa.gov.

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