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Student Independent Research Internship
January 7, 2010

[Students Higher Education]
[Available: CA]

The Student Independent Research Internship project, or SIRI, is organized to give students real-life work experiences as a component of their academic program - experiences that can help them make career choices and, if they decide to go into technical work, help them chart future steps in their education.

SIRI is primarily intended for students who can work 10-15 hours per week under the guidance of a research mentor at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Participating colleges recognize this unpaid internship as an independent study activity and award academic credit for the internship.

Students must be United States citizens or permanent residents and must have a faculty sponsor at their college willing to support the project requirements.

NASA Contact
Richard Alvidrez
Phone: (818) 354-1214
Email: Richard.F.Alvidrez@jpl.nasa.gov

SIRI Project
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