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Research Apprenticeship Project
January 7, 2010

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The Research Apprenticeship Project allows experienced and qualified students to participate in research activities at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Because JPL missions involve major engineering design and fabrication efforts and produce a huge amount of scientific data, a pool of high-quality student research apprentices can help in the engineering and scientific work on these projects.

The students can benefit immensely from the experience, and they can also contribute to the sense of inquisitiveness and exploration at the Lab. The best candidates for the research apprenticeships are those students who have previous research experience at JPL and who have proven to be both interested and effective contributors to the work.

NASA Contact
Rich Alvidrez
Educational Programs Office
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Phone: (818) 354-1214
E-mail: richard.f.alvidrez@nasa.gov

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