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NASA Electronic Professional Development Network
October 20, 2011

[Educators Grades K-12]
[Available: Nationally]

NASA's ePDN, located at The Georgia Institute of Technology, is dedicated to preparing teachers to engage their students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the use of NASA-developed learning materials and resources. Through online courses in robotics, Earth science, mathematics and eEducation Technologies, the ePDN provides:


  • Easily accessible professional development for educators seeking enhancement of their STEM teaching skills
  • Knowledge of NASA's extensive array of mission and research initiatives
  • PLU/CEU credit for each course completed and the option to combine multiple courses into a customized certificate (minimum 52 hours of instruction)
  • Additional resources for teachers to use in the classroom or for their own personal development.

The ePDN serves other NASA education projects by featuring specific content targeted at their particular educator audiences.

NASA Contact
Dr. Robert Starr
NASA LEARN Project Manager
Learning Environments and Research Network
Educational Programs Office
NASA Langley Research Center
Phone: 757-864-9492
E-mail: Robert.M.Starr@nasa.gov

Secondary Contact
Kristen Anderson
NASA ePDN Project Coordinator
Georgia Institute of Technology
Distance Learning & Professional Education
Phone: 404-385-3517
E-mail: kristen.anderson@dlpe.gatech.edu

NASA Electronic Professional Development Network
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