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NASA Contracting Intern Project
March 25, 2010

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The NASA Headquarters Office of Procurement administers the NASA Contracting Intern Project, or NCIP, targeted towards recent college graduates in business-related fields. Recent demographic studies revealed that NASA's procurement workforce in the next five to ten years would likely have insufficient personnel to fulfill the agency's mission. The NCIP was developed to train future professionals within the NASA procurement community.

The NCIP provides structured experience including formal education in the area of contracting, diverse rotational assignments and extensive on-the-job training. The project's goal is to develop a valuable resource pool of candidates for employment at one of the NASA centers nationwide. Participants work under the guidance of qualified procurement personnel and perform duties directly related to the field of procurement.

The NCIP offers an opportunity for college graduates with degrees in business-related fields to launch a career with one of the most exciting agencies within the federal government. The project lasts for 30 months. It consists of two rotational assignments between NASA centers across the country.

Interns spend 12 to 18 months at the first assignment and the remaining time at a second NASA center. The rotation between centers is mandatory; however, the intern's preference is strongly considered when selecting assignment locations. NASA is organized into Headquarters located in Washington, D.C.; nine centers; and one contractor-operated facility.

NASA Contact
NCIP Project Coordinator
Rhonda Newell
NSSC Customer Contact Center
Phone: (877) 677-2123
E-mail: NSSC-ContactCenter@nasa.gov

NASA Contracting Intern Project
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