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Marshall Space Grant Research Internship Project
August 29, 2012

[Students Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

In collaboration with NASA Space Grant Consortia, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center offers a 10-week summer research project to support MSFC's workforce development and research needs. Additionally, the project supports Space Grant's missions and goals for the development and transfer of practical applications in aerospace research and education, the advancement of state and national education and economic development goals, and the encouragement of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research experiences.

Fellowships and scholarships for this project are awarded by a given Space Grant consortium. Students must first seek nomination by their Space Grant office before participating in the project. To locate a Space Grant office, visit the Space Grant Web site.

National Space Grant College and Fellowship Project
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NASA Contact
Mona Miller/USRA
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
Academic Affairs Office
Mail Code HS30
Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812
Phone: 256-961-0986
Fax: 256-544-8549
E-mail: mona.miller@nasa.gov
Accepting Applications in OSSI
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