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Jet Propulsion Laboratory Undergraduate Scholars
January 7, 2010

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[Available: CA]

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Undergraduate Scholars, or JPLUS, was developed to recognize achievement and high potential in students attending the 30 closest community colleges to JPL and Pasadena. Students must be majoring in engineering, mathematics, computer sciences or the physical sciences. Scholarships and an opportunity to apply for a research fellowship are available through this project.

There is no application process: designated faculty sponsors at each college nominate students for the program each year.

The research fellowship is awarded through a competitive process through Caltech's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

The JPLUS project began in May 1997 with funds provided by Caltech. Caltech had received an award bonus from NASA for JPL's superior performance.

NASA Contact
Jenny Tieu
Phone: (818) 393-5386
Email: Jenny.Tieu@jpl.nasa.gov

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