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Independent Validation and Verification Project
January 7, 2010

[Students Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

The NASA Independent Verification and Validation Internship Project, or IV&V, consists of a 10-week, resident summer research project for diverse undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in computer science, software engineering, information systems or related fields. IV&V gives its participants working knowledge of NASA and its programs. Through this internship the interns will learn how NASA and the IV&V facility operate, and gain experience working with a leading software assurance research program. Projects may include working hand-in-hand with researchers performing NASA-funded research, sanitizing and preparing data and artifacts to support research efforts, developing tools to assist IV&V engineers and project managers, and working to infuse the results of research into NASA software development and IV&V projects.

NASA Contact
David Rosage
Goddard Space Flight Center
Phone: (301) 286-0904
Email: David.J.Rosage@nasa.gov

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