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Faculty Student Teams Project
December 31, 2009

[Faculty & Students Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

The Goddard Space Flight Center Higher Education Office, or HEO, announces a new opportunity for faculty and student teams, the Faculty Student Teams Project. Teams of faculty, one or more of their students, and Goddard scientists and engineers will work on Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, or ESMD, research and development. Special emphasis will be placed on lunar exploration. The project includes 10 weeks in the summer at Goddard, a preparation period (funded) and a follow-on into the 2006/2007 academic year. (Further funding is being sought). This project will be the only summer faculty research opportunity at Goddard for 2006. Faculty/student teams are being nationally recruited and integrated into ESMD R&D and GSFC-related activities. Research areas reflecting GSFC's core competencies for lunar and other ESMD missions include (but are not limited to) communications and navigation, robotics, large-scale information systems, space weather predictions and constellations of satellites.

To find GSFC organizations participating in the project, potential applicants may use the contact information provided below. After obtaining the list of projects, educators and students should contact the labs in which they are interested. The application requests a discussion of the match between the applicant's research and the GSFC ESMD research. Faculty/student teams will be chosen based upon research expertise, intellectual promise and interest in ESMD. Each faculty member will bring at least one student. The student should also fill out an application form specifying the name of the associated faculty member. Additional students may participate through different HEO student internship projects, either during the summer or the academic year. Additional funding is being sought to cover academic year interactions, including travel of NASA personnel to visit their academic partners.

Participants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and be fulltime students or faculty members.

The duration is 10 weeks, June through August.

NASA Contact
Lubna Rana
Goddard Space Flight Center Higher Education Office
Phone: (301) 286-2893

Secondary Contacts
Faculty Student Team Project
Josh Halpern
Phone: (202) 806-6883
E-mail: jhalpern@howard.edu

Dick Fahey
Phone: (301) 286-9690

Additional Contact Information
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