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Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project
September 16, 2011

[Educators K-12 and Students Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

The Endeavor Science Teacher Certificate Project, or ESTCP, awards over 50 fellowships each year to in-service, alternative-route and pre-service formal educators contributing to the development of a science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, workforce based on NASA content and educational materials. The project helps to ensure that the Certificate in STEM Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, contributes toward teacher licensure or national board certification, assisting Fellows in becoming "highly qualified" science or mathematics teachers. Fellows may earn a "Leadership Distinction" designation on their ESTCP Certificate. The ESTCP improves teachers' knowledge of pedagogical content as educators demonstrate changes in practice and apply science concepts.

Fellows come together to build an unprecedented, online community of practice as they complete a minimum of five exclusively online graduate-level "Short Courses," including Action Research in the STEM Classroom. Courses are defined by:

-Four to six one-hour, live online sessions in which educators participate live on both the telephone and the Internet at the same time.
-Guided and supported study and mentoring.

In addition, the project provides workshops for those who teach science teachers at schools of education. ESTCP and its workshops assist the educators in incorporating NASA content into methods and practicum courses for pre-service teachers who may feed into the ESTC project. Educators serving underrepresented student populations are encouraged to apply.

Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project
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For further information about the project, please visit the Endeavor Science Teacher Certificate Project Web site and review the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Questions should be submitted electronically to the following email address: nasa_endeavor@us-satellite.net

NASA Contact
Katherine Bender
Endeavor Project Manager
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
E-mail: Katherine.J.Bender@nasa.gov

Secondary Contact
Glen Schuster
Project Director
U.S. Satellite Laboratory Inc.
32 Elm Place 1N
Rye, NY 10580
Phone: (914) 921-5920, ext. 201
E-mail: gschuster@us-satellite.net

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