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Education Outreach Project at Johnson Space Center
April 10, 2009

[Educators & Students Grades K-Higher Education]
[Available: TX]

The Education Outreach Project provides educators within a 50-mile radius of JSC with the tools to reach and inspire their students. The project seeks to capture young people's interest in science, engineering, mathematics and technology. Over 200 JSC employees volunteer to share their knowledge and experience with teachers and students. Volunteers participate in various outreach opportunities including lecturing or performing hands-on activities in the classroom, career shadowing, tutoring, mentoring and judging at science fairs.

Application Deadline: Requests are due four to six weeks prior to services.

Who to Contact at NASA
Education Outreach Coordinator
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058-3607
Phone: (281) 483-8712
Fax: (281) 483-3789
E-mail: eduoutre@ems.jsc.nasa.gov

Education Outreach Project
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Additional Contact Information
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