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Consortium for Undergraduate Research Experience
January 7, 2010

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The Consortium for Undergraduate Research Experience, or CURE, site is funded by the National Science Foundation to provide research experiences in astronomy to underrepresented and underserved undergraduates. CURE introduces them to the world of astronomical research through collaboration with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech scientists. The consortium encourages students to consider higher education options, such as graduate school, and to become part of the scientific and technical workforce.

CURE targets undergraduate students attending five community colleges in the Los Angeles area and California State University in Los Angeles, or CSULA. CURE staff at Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Pasadena City College, East Los Angeles College and CSULA select students on the basis of their interests, a written essay describing why they would like to participate, and their enthusiasm. Prior experience is not required. Grades are not the primary criterion.

NASA Contact
Stephen D. Gillam
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Phone: (818) 393-1293

Consortium for Undergraduate Research Experience
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