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Aeronautics Academy at NASA's Ames, Armstrong, Glenn and Langley Centers
February 28, 2014

[Students Higher Education]
[Available: Nationally]

The Aeronautics Academy offers an immersive, multidisciplinary, team-based program for students with career aspirations in aeronautics. Students will do research, develop leadership skills, and receive broad exposure to the nation's aeronautics enterprise. Eligibility requirements are the following: aeronautical/aerospace engineering or related engineering majors; GPA 3.2 minimum; and U.S. citizenship. The level of study for eligible students is third-year undergraduate through second-year graduate school.

Visit the following site for more information.
www.academyapp.com →

Note: Applicants must also create a student profile at http://intern.nasa.gov.

NASA Contact
Dr. Elizabeth B. Ward
Aeronautics Research Directorate & Center Chief Technologist's Office, Student Programs
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA 23681-2199
Phone: 757-864-7638
Email: Elizabeth.B.Ward@nasa.gov

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