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NASA Education Organization Chart
May 3, 2010


Office of Education Organizational Structure

The Office of Education administers national education efforts that draw on content from across the agency. It also disseminates education content and activities developed by the Mission Directorates, centers and education partners.

The Associate Administrator for Education is responsible to the NASA Administrator for the NASA Education Portfolio, reporting directly to the Office of the Administrator.

Each of the four Mission Directorates - Aeronautics Research, Exploration Systems , Science, and Space Operations - identifies an Education Lead, who represents their Associate Administrator to the Office of Education and to the Education Coordinating Committee with the authority to commit resources. The Education Leads reside in Mission Directorate office space and work for the Mission Directorates. Education Leads are responsible for program coordination with the Office of Education and the centers.

Center Education Offices are responsible for implementing NASA education programs, projects and activities for the Mission Directorates and the Office of Education, as well as planning and implementing education projects that are unique to and funded by their centers. Center Education Directors report administratively to their center management and functionally to the Office of Education, as well as receiving programmatic direction from the Headquarters organizations that provide education funding to their center. Center Education Directors are functionally responsible for all center education efforts.


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