Education Leadership

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Office of Education Leadership

Associate Administrator for Education
Mr. Donald G. James
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Deputy Associate Administrator for Education
Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson
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Deputy Associate Administrator for Program Integration

Senior Advisor, Education Integration
Ms. Shelley Canright, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor to the Associate Administrator for Education
Ms. Beverly Girten, Ph.D.

Director, Aerospace Research and Career Development
Dr. Lenell Allen

Director, STEM Engagement
Ms. Diane D. DeTroye

Director, NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships
Ms. Carolyn Knowles

Director, Office of Education Infrastructure Division (Acting)
Dr. Patricia Moore Shaffer

Director, STEM Education and Accountability Program
Ms. Mary F. Sladek

Director, Educator Professional Development
Dr. Katie Veal Wallace

Manager, Budget
Mr. Andrew Hubbard

Manager, Minority University Research and Education Project
Ms.Joeletta Patrick
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Manager, Program Evaluation
Dr. Patricia Moore Shaffer
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Manager, Informal Education
Ms. Mary F. Sladek
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Executive Officer
Mr. Kevin Metrocavage 

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