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Office of Education - NASA Headquarters
October 22, 2014
Associate Administrator for Education Mr. Donald G. James
    Executive Officer Vacant
    Secretary Ms. Shawnta Ball
Deputy Associate Administrator for Education Dr. Roosevelt Y. Johnson
Senior Advisor, Education Integration Shelley Canright, Ph.D.
Manager, Budget Mr. Andrew Hubbard
Director, Office of Education Infrastructure Division (Acting) Dr. Patricia Moore Shaffer 
Director, STEM Engagement Ms. Diane D. DeTroye
Manager, Program Evaluation Dr. Patricia Moore Shaffer
    Program Support Assistant Ms. Shawna Kennedy
Director, NASA Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships Ms. Carolyn Knowles
Manager, Minority University Research and Education Project Ms. Joeletta Patrick
Director, Aerospace Research and Career Development Dr. Lenell Allen
Director, Educator Professional Development Dr. Katie Veal Wallace
Manager, Informal Education Ms. Mary Sladek
Public Affairs Officer Ms. Ann Marie Trotta
Legislative Liaison
(Mail Code LB)
Mr. Lon Forehand

Mission Directorate Education Leads
Aeronautics Research Mr. Tony Springer
Human Exploration and Operations Ms. Alotta Taylor
Science Ms. Stephanie Stockman
Space Technology Ms. Layla H. Dowdy

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