What the ERCN Has to Offer

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What the ERCN Has to Offer

A map showing five U.S. states
The Marshall Space Flight Center Education Service Region includes the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri and Tennessee. Image Credit: NASA

NASA established the Educator Resource Center Network to disseminate agency-related information and materials to the nation's educational community. The network provides expertise and facilities to help formal and informal educators access and use instructional products that emphasize science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These products are based on NASA's unique mission and are aligned with national education standards and appropriate state frameworks.

Each ERC demonstrates and facilitates the use of education technologies; provides in-service and pre-service training using NASA curriculum support products; and partners with local, state and regional educational organizations to become part of the systemic initiatives in the state.

The ERC contains a collection of materials for educators that reflect upon NASA scientific, engineering and technological achievements. Subjects range from science and geography to meteorology, astronomy, aeronautics research and environmental sciences.

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