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Kennedy's Education Technology team designs, develops, implements and evaluates products and services that use technology to enhance the educational process for formal and informal education, as well as lifelong learning.

Rocket launchLaunch Services Education Program
Kennedy's Launch Services Program is responsible for NASA's many rocket launches. The Rocket Scientists Web pages highlight the engineers who work all aspects of these launches. The pages include rocket processing information, background data on the vehicles, fun facts and pictures. Students get a chance to meet the rocket system engineers through videos and biographies. After exploring the site, they can test their knowledge by assembling a rocket, from a main engine all the way to a payload!

Virtual Lab specimen imageUse the Virtual Lab
The Virtual Lab is a free, downloadable program providing virtual access to a variety of sophisticated scientific instruments. Students will be the scientists, conducting their own investigations. This inquiry-based software empowers students to explore and investigate, learning from directly manipulating the instrument controls. Numerous teacher resources are available, including lesson plans, assessment tools and short videos describing how the instrument works, how it is used at NASA and how the specimens are prepared. By providing a fun, hands-on experience that brings relevance to class material, we hope to inspire the next generation of explorers.

STS-126 launch team celebrates liftoff inside the Launch Control Center.Enter the Firing Room
In the Firing Room you'll meet the engineers who work in Kennedy's Launch Control Center. The pages include shuttle processing information, fun facts, pictures and a special section for educators. Students get a chance to meet astronauts and engineers through videos and biographies. After exploring the pages, students can test their knowledge by taking the Launch Simulation Quiz. Links to student employment opportunities at NASA also are provided.

Space shuttle Endeavour launches.Kennedy Launch Academy Simulation System (KLASS)
KLASS would like to bring a launch countdown into your class! Would your students like to serve as console engineers for a launch countdown? Now they can! Based on the actual software used for training in Kennedy's Launch Control Center, this software enables a launch countdown simulation with any networked system of computers. The materials are created by teachers for teachers and aligned with national education standards. There are five console stations for your student engineers: Main Engines, External Tank, BioMed, Weather and Environmental Control. While this experience is targeted for middle school students, it is easily scaled up to the high school level.

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