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Enter the Firing Room
Graphic of the Firing Room The Enter the Firing Room project is a Web site funded through NASA's Human Exploration and Development of Space, or HEDS, enterprise. This Web site targets middle school students, encouraging them to take higher-level science and math classes and pursue careers at NASA, as well as other science, technology, engineering and mathematic organizations.

The project highlights the system engineers in Kennedy Space Center's Launch Control Center firing rooms. Students are given information encompassing the processing of space shuttles for launch, a list of links to obtain detailed information about the systems featured and most important, a chance to meet the actual engineers through biographies and videos.

The Web site also provides pages of information on how to join the NASA team, fun NASA trivia and a page specifically for educators. After the students experience the entire site, they can test their knowledge by completing a launch simulation that will periodically ask them multiple choice questions. If they are successful at answering all the questions during the simulated countdown, they will view a video of an actual shuttle launch. h.

This Web site also contains videos from two NASA astronauts, James Reilly and Janice Voss. Reilly's video focuses on the importance of Kennedy's launch team. Voss explains how she reached her dream by participating in the NASA Co-op Program, becoming a NASA engineer, being accepted into the astronaut corps and flying aboard the shuttle. Kennedy continually has been awarded funding for this project and will enhance and expand the capabilities of this site.

Enter the Firing Room