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If you would like to inquire about various workshops that can be provided, or to register for a workshop, contact the KSC Educator Resource Center at 321.867.4090

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NASA's Kennedy Educate to Innovate Campaign

Poster for Kennedy Educate to Innovate Family Night program occuring on September 28, 2013 at the US Astronaut Hall of Fame NASA is proud to present the Kennedy Educate to Innovate (KETI) program hosting the 4th annual NASA Family Education Night (NFEN). This year's theme is "New Heights...Beyond Earth." This free event is open to the public primarily for 1st through 6th graders, but ALL are welcome. There will be hands-on activities, technology demonstrations, astronaut appearances, opportunities to interact with NASA engineers, and many more!

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> Click Here to read more about the KETI program

Kennedy Education Features

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Robotic Mining Competition

NASA’s Fifth Annual NASA Robotic Mining Competition is for university-level students to design and build a mining robot that can traverse simulated Martian chaotic terrain, excavate Martian regolith and deposit the regolith into a Collector Bin within 10 minutes.

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Countdown to the Competition

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