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Kennedy Professional Development Workshops
October 30, 2014
[image-62]Kennedy's Education Office sponsors professional development workshops through the NASA Educator Resource Center. These workshops provide aerospace education programs and activities for elementary and secondary teachers. These workshops meet national curriculum standards associated with math, science, and technology, as well as correlate to the Sunshine State Standards. While supporting national education goals and existing standards for science, mathematics and technology education, these programs reflect NASA's mission requirements. One-day to two-week workshops are provided upon request for local, national and international groups of educators with activities and lessons focusing on the application of mathematics, science, engineering and technology in student learning.

Open Professional Development Workshop Opportunities
Professional development workshops are conducted through Kennedy Space Center's NASA Educator Resource Center. These workshops are open enrollment for all educators, and are scheduled on Saturdays. Workshop length is three hours. For more information on what workshops are available and to register for the workshops, please call (321) 867-4090 or e-mail the resource center.

Click here to view the flyer of currently scheduled Saturday Professional Development Workshops Saturday Teacher Workshop Flyer.pdf

How to Schedule a Closed Professional Development Workshop
On-site workshops can be scheduled for groups of 15 or more, year round through Kennedy Space Center's NASA Educator Resource Center. Workshop duration varies from a half day to one week based on your needs. Your agenda includes hands-on activities and NASA curriculum support materials. To schedule a workshop, the workshop coordinator should contact Andrea Cann by email (cann@amfcse.org) or by phone (321) 867-4090.

The resource center serves educators in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Educators outside this region can locate the NASA centers serving other geographic areas by checking the Educator Resource Center Network.

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Teachers on tour through a NASA facility during one of their workshops
Teachers on tour through a NASA facility during one of their workshops
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