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NASA Educator Resource Center
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Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
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For more information or to schedule an Exploration Station program, contact:
Andrea Cann
Phone: (321) 867-4090
E-mail: cann@amfcse.org

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Kennedy Educator Resource Center

Through the Educator Resource Center, educators can access NASA resources to develop their own educational programs. The facilities and staff at the center will assist teachers in gathering ideas, exploring curriculum, planning educational visits and more.

NASA educational materials reflect NASA research and technology development in curriculum areas, such as life science, physical science, mathematics, astronomy, energy, Earth resources, the environment, geography and careers in aerospace. Teachers in disciplines other than science and mathematics also are encouraged to visit the center and explore ways to incorporate aerospace materials into their lessons.

The Educator Resource Center is located in the Center for Space Education building in the northwest corner of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. It serves educators in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. If you cannot get to Kennedy Space Center, Educators outside this region can locate the NASA centers serving other geographic areas by checking the Educator Resource Center Network.

Kennedy Education Resource Center Links

NASA Educator teaching to a classroom filled with teachersExploration Station
Kennedy Space Center offers school groups free programs that are both educational and fun!
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closeup view of a lunar rockLunar and Meteorite Samples
Learn how to bring samples of lunar and meteoritic material into your classroom for a hands-on learning experience.
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map of the KSC areaEducator Resource Center Location and Hours
The Educator Resource Center is located at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on Florida's east coast.
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Digital Learning Network

Picture of Rachel Power with a teleconferenced classroom being shown on a television screen behind her

NASA's Digital Learning Network™ provides science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content featuring NASA missions and research.
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NASA Mission Directorates

aero Aeronautics Research
Enable a safer, more secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly air transportation system.

HEO Human Exploration and Operations
Operate the International Space Station and prepare for human exploration beyond low Earth orbit.

Science Science
Exploring the Earth-Sun system, our own solar system, and the universe beyond.

Space Tech Space Technology
Develop the crosscutting, advanced and pioneering new technologies needed for current and future missions, benefiting the aerospace industry and other agencies, and addressing national needs.

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