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Internships, Fellowships and Scholarships

NASA's Johnson Space Center in collaboration with NASA’s Ames Research Center is leading the agency’s efforts to invest in the nation's STEM learners, the workforce of tomorrow, by providing opportunities that will launch a new era of learning, innovation and achievement in STEM. NASA motivates students to pursue careers in STEM with unique NASA internships, fellowships, and scholarships, or NIFS. These offerings improve the retention of students in STEM disciplines by providing opportunities along the pipeline and thus increase the pool of STEM graduates.


Dark-haired young woman sitting at a computer One Stop Shop for Students and Mentors  →
Students: Interested in one of the opportunities listed here? Use the OSSI System website as your one stop shop for most application submissions. Mentors: Post student opportunities in your area at NASA's One Stop Shop and find students to work on your projects.

Young woman sitting at table that holds computers and books Johnson Space Center Pathways Intern Employment Program (formerly Cooperative Education Program)
Alternate semesters at college with semesters working at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Words Lunar And Planetary Institute against white background Lunar and Planetary Institute Summer Internships  →
Summer internships at the Lunar and Planetary Institute.


Student wearing a white shirt smiles as she sits at a computer For Students
NASA offers many education programs for students throughout the year. See what is available now.

Education Success Stories

Employee in front of rocket boosters Read about NASA Student Program participants who now work at NASA!
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