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Summer of Innovation

Young boy beneath the words Explore it. Do it The Summer of Innovation project provides hands-on learning opportunities for middle school students and educators through NASA-unique science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, educational activities during the school break this summer.
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Student Activities

An astronaut speaking into a microphone on the space stationAmateur Radio on the International Space Station
"KC5ACR, this is NA1SS. How do you read me? Over." Astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station use ham radios to talk to students and educators. Do you want to find out how to talk with them on the space station?

A group of Community College Aerospace Scholars wearing matching shirts Community College Aerospace Scholars  →
The CAS project for selected community college students from Texas offers online learning, highlighted by three days at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

A group of High School Aerospace Scholars in Mission ControlHigh School Aerospace Scholars  →
The HAS project for Texas high school juniors offers online learning, highlighted by one week at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

A student standing in front of a microphone asking a question during an education downlink In-flight Education Downlinks
"How does it feel to float? How does a spacesuit work?" A downlink is the ultimate "ask-the-experts" experience! During a downlink, students talk live with astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station.

Artist rendition of a KC-135 aircraft performing a zero-g maneuver Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program  →
College students design and conduct experiments aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder" reduced-gravity aircraft.

Terrain near the Ganga River in Bihar, India Sally Ride EarthKAM
There is no place like home! Take pictures of our home planet with a camera located on the International Space Station. Students direct the camera to take photographs of Earth from 250 miles above its surface.

Space shuttle shown on a large screen in auditorium at Space Center Houston Space Center Houston  →
Take a field trip to Space Center Houston and tour NASA's Johnson Space Center. There are interactive exhibits, IMAX, Blast Off Theater and more for kids and adults of all ages. Students 14 and older can book a special “Level 9” behind-the-scenes tour of Johnson.

Artist rendition of NASA's Curiosity Rover with Mars in the background Summer of Curiosity Mission to Mars Challenge
The JSC External Relations Office invites families to be a part of the Summer of Curiosity Mission to Mars Challenge. Participate in weekly hands-on activities as you plan the first human mission to Mars.

Student wearing a white shirt smiles as she sits at a computer All Student Programs
NASA offers many education programs for students throughout the year. See what is available now.

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