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Summer of Innovation

Young boy beneath the words Explore it. Do it The Summer of Innovation project provides hands-on learning opportunities for middle school students and educators through NASA-unique science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, educational activities during the school break this summer.
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Interior of an Educator Resource Center showing tables, chairs, computers and hanging plants Educator Resource Center
Locate ERCs in your state or region for free educational materials and services.

A man speaks as he stands in front of two people seated at computers Envisioning Science
A NASA team has developed software to help students who are visually impaired "see" Earth.

Computerized image of a yellow, flower-like design overlaying a graph Sights and Sounds of Mathematics
What does mathematics look like? What does math sound like? If those questions don't seem to make sense to you, then you're probably not familiar with MathTrax, a computer application from NASA's Learning Technologies program, available for Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Words NASA Profiles NASA Profiles  →
View career profiles of people who work for NASA in the fields of science, math, computers and engineering.

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