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Student Activities

  • High School Aerospace Scholars

    High School Aerospace Scholars  →

    Online learning highlighted by one week at NASA's Johnson Space Center - for Texas high school juniors.

  • Community College Aerospace Scholars

    Community College Aerospace Scholars  →

    Online learning highlighted by three days at NASA's Johnson Space Center - for Texas community college students.

  • Microgravity University

    Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities  →

    College students design and conduct experiments aboard NASA's “Weightless Wonder” reduced gravity aircraft.

  • Interdisciplinary National Science Program Incorporating Research and Education Experience


    High school students learn about NASA careers and preparatory fields of study in an online student community, with paid internships for juniors and seniors.

  • Second Life

    Second Life  →

    Stop by eEducation Island in Second Life and Eye4You Alliance in Teen Second Life for events, activities, or just to chat with people from NASA.

  • Space Center Houston

    Space Center Houston  →

    Take a field trip to Space Center Houston and tour NASA's Johnson Space Center. There are interactive exhibits, IMAX, Blast Off Theater and more for kids and adults of all ages. Students 14 and older can book a special “Level 9” behind-the-scenes tour of Johnson.

  • All Student Programs

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