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NASA Center Education Offices

Aerial view of NASA Ames Research Center Ames Research Center
Ames specializes in research geared towards creating new knowledge and new technologies that span the spectrum of NASA interests.

Sofia in a banked turn over the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility Armstrong Flight Research Center
As the lead for flight research, Armstrong continues to innovate in aeronautics and space technology. The newest, fastest, the highest -- all have made their debut in the vast, clear desert skies over Armstrong.

View of a NASA Glenn Research Center hanger Glenn Research Center
Glenn Research Center develops and transfers critical technologies that address national priorities through research, technology development, and systems development for safe and reliable aeronautics, aerospace, and space applications.

View of a hurricane from space Goddard Space Flight Center
The mission of the Goddard Space Flight Center is to expand knowledge on the Earth and its environment, the solar system, and the universe through observations from space.

Artist concept of Mars Science Laboratory. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, managed by the California Institute of Technology is NASA's lead center for robotic exploration of the Solar System.

View of the mission control room at Johnson Space Center Johnson Space Center
From the early Gemini, Apollo, and Sky Lab projects to today's Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, Johnson Space Center continues to lead NASA's effort in Human Space Exploration.

External Tank 130 rolls toward the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center is America's Gateway to the Universe -- leading the world in preparing and launching missions around the Earth and beyond.

A man standing next to an aircraft model in the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel at Langley. Langley Research Center
Langley continues to forge new frontiers in aviation and space research for aerospace, atmospheric sciences, and technology commercialization to improve the way the world lives.

Ares vehicles collage Marshall Space Flight Center
Bringing people to space; bringing space to people. Marshall Space Flight Center is world leader in the access to space and use of space for research and development to benefit humanity.

Aerial view of NASA John C. Stennis Space Center Stennis Space Center
Stennis is responsible for NASA's rocket propulsion testing and for partnering with industry to develop and implement remote sensing technology.

General Overview

NASA Education Offices
Strategic management of the NASA education portfolio requires the participation of the Office of Education, the four Mission Directorates and all ten NASA Centers.

Press Contacts

NASA Public Affairs Officers
For public information and media inquiries.

Visit a NASA Center

NASA Visitors Center and Tours
The general public is welcome to visit and tour many NASA installations. Some NASA Centers operate their own visitors centers, and others have arrangements with private firms.

NASA Field Facilities

Goddard Institute for Space Studies
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Independent Verification & Validation Facility
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Wallops Flight Facility
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White Sands Test Facility
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