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Education Technology and Products
April 10, 2009

[image-62]Leveraging Technology for Engagement

Technology plays an important role in providing a delivery mechanism to reach the next generation of explorers to inspire, inform, and involve them in NASA research activities and encourage them to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. NASA is committed to distributing educational information through instructional and outreach products. In the future, powerful technologies will enable new learning environments to be developed that use simulations, visualizations, immersive environments, gameplaying and learner networking. These tools will create rich and compelling learning opportunities, thereby meeting the needs of learners while empowering educators and other adults to unlock the potential of a student's mind. Learning will be on demand, meaning that students, educators, and the general public will have access to exactly what they need when they need it. NASA is moving toward this education future by developing new methods for making its exciting discoveries and valuable resources available to students, educators and the public.

The Education Technology and Products program area focuses on three categories of projects:
- Education Technology Research and Development - Identify and implement new advanced technology application that will positively impact learning.
- Learning Tools and Materials - Demonstrate the effectiveness of NASA digital content materials in targeted learning environments.
- Digital Learning/Content Services - Establish a technology infrastructure that meets citizen demand for NASA learning services.


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Character in a virtual world looking at various types of rockets
NASA's long history of using simulations for astronaut training make the Agency a natural choice to push the limits of the virtual world's research envelope.
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