International Space Education Board Activities

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International Space Education Board Activities

The International Space Education Board, or ISEB, collaborates on activities annually. These exciting opportunities allow participants to interact with professionals from around the world. For more details, please see the descriptions below.

International Student Zone at the IAC

Since 1950, the International Astronautical Federation -- later joined by its associates the International Academy of Astronautics and the International Institute of Space Law -- has held an annual International Astronautical Congress, where the aerospace community comes together to discuss the latest developments and challenges, ideas, and lessons learned. The IAC has a robust technical program, as well as exhibits, public programs and other associated events.

The ISEB members meet in person annually at the IAC. As part of this effort, each member sponsors students to attend the IAC to present their technical papers, attend other students’ presentations, and learn about their research. Apart from the IAC official conference program, student activities are centralized at the International Student Zone. This dedicated venue is the meeting place for students to hear presentations by their peers, attend lectures by industry and government experts, and network with young professionals and senior agency representatives.

All delegates to the IAC are invited and encouraged to visit the International Student Zone to meet the next generation of space experts and leaders!


NASA Internships

As part of this collaborative effort, NASA invites each member agency to sponsor a student to participate in an internship at one of the NASA centers. Each ISEB member has a rigorous process from which it sends NASA a selection of candidates. NASA selects the best candidate for each of the positions listed and pairs the student with a mentor. These opportunities are for students who currently are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics -- STEM -- in a topic relevant to NASA's mission priorities. Internships enable the students to participate in NASA-led research projects, while also developing leadership and networking skills.

Opportunities are listed in NASA's One Stop Shopping Initiative website.  


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