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Higher Education Program
April 10, 2009

[image-62]Higher Education focuses on supporting institutions at this education level by strengthening their research capabilities as well as providing opportunities that attract and prepare increasing numbers of students for NASA-related careers. The research conducted by these institutions will contribute to the research needs of NASA's Mission Directorates.

Meeting Future Workforce Needs

The Office of Education is strengthening involvement with institutions of higher education to ensure that NASA can meet future workforce needs in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, fields. Participation in NASA programs and research stimulates students to continue their studies at all levels of the higher education continuum and earn advanced degrees in these critical fields.

Through a portfolio of project types, the NASA Higher Education activities seek to increase the overall capacity at all levels of universities and colleges to better address STEM disciplines related to NASA.

Higher Education Strategy

Specifically, projects are in place to:
- Build connections, through partnerships and consortium awards, that provide institutions of higher education and other educational entities better bridges for students;
- Provide fellowship and scholarship opportunities to attract "the best and the brightest" students to NASA disciplines;
- Catalyze institutional development to improve the ability of colleges and universities to compete for NASA research awards;
- Increase the candidate pool of qualified faculty who can compete for NASA research awards; and
- Facilitate improved coordination between NASA-sponsored university research activities and teacher preparation projects to expose teachers-in-training to NASA research and discoveries, thus furthering their understanding of STEM disciplines.

Visit the Education Programs section to find opportunities for Higher Education students and faculty.

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Palmiscno assembles hardware components
Student research at NASA Centers could help with missions to the moon and Mars.
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