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Elementary and Secondary Education Program
April 10, 2009


NASA is taking bold steps at the K–12 grade levels to prepare the next generation of explorers. Building on previous accomplishments, NASA has established a series of innovative programs designed to stimulate student interest in order to motivate higher levels of study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, subjects. These activities provide unique learning experiences for students, teachers, administrators and families. NASA strives to ensure that underrepresented and underserved students participate in education programs, thereby encouraging more of these students to pursue STEM careers. NASA is also working to develop new digital media methods that will make NASA's exciting discoveries and missions available to K–12 students and educators. 

Visit the Education Programs section to find opportunities for K-12 students and educators.


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Two teenage boys working with a robotic rover
Middle and high school students build and program robotic rovers during a course at a community college.
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Proyecto Access
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