NHHPC Membership Criteria

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NHHPC Membership Criteria

Membership in the NHHPC requires a commitment to support the goals of the NHHPC and the advancement of human health and performance innovations for space flight, commercial aviation, and challenging environments on Earth.  Please review the criteria and then apply online.

Goals of the NHHPC

  • Advance human system research and technology, process, and practice innovations
  • Facilitate collaborative projects that advance human spaceflight capabilities and address national and global human health and performance needs
  • Integrate human health and performance efforts and results across NHHPC member organizations
  • Provide a resource for integration and coordination within NASA for proposals, risk assessments, and requirements to inform the human exploration missions and technology needs

Members are strongly encouraged to participate in a variety of NHHPC collaborative opportunities such as: conferences, workshops, Member to Member Connect webcasts, newsletters, etc. on a regular basis when possible.
Membership acceptance to the NHHPC will be contingent upon submission and director approval of the following information. 

  1. What is your interest in becoming a member of the NHHPC?
  2. How would your organization contribute to the goals and activities of the NHHPC?
  3. Were you referred by any of the existing NHHPC members?  If yes, by whom?
  4. Submit one paragraph describing your organization to include on the NHHPC web site.
  5. Submit your organization logo to include on the NHHPC web site
  6. Submit a point (or points) of contact for your organization to include on the members only accessible wiki and identify if the POCs are US citizens or foreign nationals.  Please also indicate if your organization is a US or foreign firm.

Membership to the NHHPC may be withdrawn at any time by a member. Members may be asked to withdraw their participation for violation of the NHHPC Code of Conduct or failure to uphold NHHPC goals and/or participate in NHHPC activities.

Code of Conduct

  • Members are asked to show a commitment to the NHHPC goals through their actions.
  • The NHHPC seeks to maximize long term relationships with the members to advance human health and performance.
  • Foster an atmosphere of collaboration that extends to all members of the NHHPC.

Members can use some NHHPC graphics and link to the NHHPC Web Site.

Membership Application


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