Education and Outreach

    NHHPC Middle School Asteroid Contest - 2013

    NASA, Clemson University, Orion's Quest, Square One Education Network, and other members of the NASA Human Health and Performance Center are collaborating to develop and conduct this educational contest for students in the 6th through 8th grades, approximately between the ages of 11 and 14. Our goal is to engage more students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and to stimulate students by providing an opportunity for them to explore and discover. More information...

    NASA Human Research Program Education and Outreach collaborating with Laying the Foundation

    NASA Human Research Program Education and Outreach (HRPEO) recently began an exciting outside collaboration with Laying The Foundation. This Space Act Agreement will allow LTF and HRPEO to collaborate on the development of 6th through 12th grade classroom ready materials such as problems, activities, and labs. This is especially unique because the content pieces will integrate HRP content and LTF instructional design. They will be used and implemented in training sessions with teachers across the nation and posted to the NASA and LTF Web sites for student and teacher use. This LTF and HRPEO collaborative effort will develop new, rigorous, real-world math and science activities for secondary school classrooms. These materials will improve student performance by expanding their understanding and interest in STEM subjects while building their college and career readiness skills.

    NASA Cooperative Agreement For Aerospace Medicine Residency Training at The University of Texas Medical Branch

    The aerospace medicine residency program at UTMB continues to thrive, and the overall outlook has been strengthened by continuing programs at NASA-JSC, commercial spaceflight activities associated with the FAA Center of Excellence in Commercial Space Transportation, and operational partnerships in commercial spaceflight. During the grant period of November 2011 through August 2012, there were a total of 7 aerospace medicine residents supported by this grant. Since 1996, 27 residents and fellows have been hired from this program to work at NASA-JSC.

    NHHPC Middle School Asteroid Contest Complete!

    Past human space exploration has influenced the thinking of scientists, politicians, artists and the general public and has lead to new discoveries and products. Now it is time to ask you — what must we consider to send a human crew on a mission to an asteroid?

    In the Spring of 2012, NHHPC invited students from across the nation to academically challenge themselves, diving into the world of science and mathematics with the NHHPC Asteroid Contest. In this pilot program, students prepared presentations to NASA that outlined their mission plans for human crew travel to an asteroid. Students chose a target asteroid, determined mission goals, and picked two challenges to investigate further from a long list of options. The end product was a presentation to the Flight Readiness Review Control Board regarding the individual or team's findings. More...