• Collaborative Innovation

    Collaborative Innovation

    Collaborative innovation methodologies form the basis for the NHHPC approach to driving human health and performance innovations. Through collaborative partnerships, the NHHPC strives to achieve incremental, new, and disruptive innovations that spur advances in technology and development of new approaches to help solve the toughest challenges facing human health and performance globally and for space exploration.

  • NHHPC - Theme - Health

    Human Health

    Human health collaborations may address development of novel and improved health care for humans during space flight, for crew and passengers in civilian and commercial aviation, and for workers in many aspects of occupational medicine. Projects in global medicine and general preventive health will also be pursued.

  • Theme Performance thumbnail

    Human Factors and Performance

    Development of innovative and advanced human performance technologies and approaches to improve the safety and efficiency of humans living and working in space and on Earth is the focus of the human factors and performance theme. This includes the performance of all human interactions with systems such as flight crews, ground controllers, and ground maintenance personnel; development of dual use space flight and global performance technologies.

  • Theme Habitability thumbnail

    Habitability and Environment

    Collaborative projects addressing habitability and environment issues include the development of information, technologies, and processes aimed at making the pressurized environments habitable, safe and conducive to productive work and health living.

  • NHHPC - Theme - Research

    Research and Technology Development

    The NHHPC will enable future exploration class missions and contribute to national and global human health and performance goals and needs through human research and technology development projects. Collaborative efforts will be evidence based, utilizing a standards to deliverables process that results in solutions aimed at mitigating the highest priority human system risks.

  • NHHPC - Theme - Education

    Education and Outreach

    The NHHPC will provide a focal point for coordination of education and outreach initiatives at all levels to promote human health and performance. Collaborative initiatives will be based on established local, national and international member organization programs, and may be offered through Space Life Sciences Academy or among any member organizations.

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Social Responsibility

    The NHHPC fosters the creation of sustainable, long term solutions that benefit humans living and working in space and on Earth by applying social responsibility principles to collaborative member projects.