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NHHPC Theme: Collaborative Innovation
October 9, 2011
Collaborative Innovation Collaborative innovation methodologies form the basis for the NHHPC approach to driving human health and performance innovations. Through collaborative partnerships, the NHHPC strives to achieve incremental, new, and disruptive innovations that spur advances in technology and development of new approaches to help solve the toughest challenges facing human health and performance globally and for space exploration. NHHPC innovation goals include:
  • Facilitate the development or acquisition of incremental, new, and/or disruptive innovations that spur advances in technology and help solve the toughest challenges facing human health and performance globally and for space exploration.  
  • Assess emerging models for innovative research and technology development, such as the use of crowdsourcing and consortium based platforms, or collaborative research models including accelerated research models and collaborative proposal development
  • Facilitate membership engagement and experience with open innovation methodologies and tools through collaboration
  • Assess and implement tools that support virtual methods of collaboration including webinars, interactive discussion boards, and blogs
  • Define measurable attributes for collaborative efforts, methodologies and innovative advances in human health and related technologies including qualitative measures
  • Assess validity of collaborative innovation metrics and the reliability of these metrics across the membership of the NHHPC and as related to human health and performance
  • Share collaborative innovation successes and best practices of NHHPC membership, and integrate membership lessons learned and best practices
  • Utilize collaborative innovation methodologies and tools to help support member projects
  • Advance collaborative innovation partnerships within the arena of human health and performance by harnessing the expertise of the NHHPC membership to spur innovations within projects and themes
  • Lead Open Government initiatives by supporting partnership between the membership of the NHHPC, representing government, academia, non-profit, and industry
  • Inspire public engagement on member projects through the use of innovative methodologies and tools, such as challenge based platform or crowdsourcing methodology
  • Provide a repository of membership successes and lessons learned with utilizing open innovation methodologies and tools
  • Share best practices and results with the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation for human health and performance

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