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NHHPC Theme: Human Health
October 18, 2010
NHHPC Theme: Health Topics may include development of novel and improved health care for humans during space flight, for crew and passengers in civilian and commercial aviation, and for workers in many aspects of occupational medicine. Collaborative projects in global medicine and general preventive health will also be pursued. Potential areas of collaboration include:
  • Assess and develop risk management profiles for various space flight regimes from suborbital to planetary flight, assess novel approaches to providing care such as unique imaging strategies to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, adopt “reverse innovation” biomedical strategies from remote terrestrial health care settings, and  develop dual use space flight and terrestrial health care technologies to advance space medicine
  • Develop novel and enhanced technologies addressing behavioral health in space and/or other remote/isolated/extreme environments
  • Develop new approaches to treatment protocols and occupational health monitoring for workers in increasingly complex and extreme work environments on Earth and in space, such as epidemiology and care of emerging infectious disease that can affect workers in remote and extreme environments
  • Develop research protocols to address global medical needs such as development of biomarkers, identification of common signaling pathways, and applications of nanohealth technologies
  • Share knowledge/experience among government sponsored space agencies, commercial space operators, and other organizations operating in extreme environments regarding the unique needs of space travelers including familiarity training, nutrition counseling, and health and habitability assessments.  Apply space flight health care technologies to the care of crew and passengers for increasingly long duration commercial aviation flight
  • Integrate human health support of commercial space in suborbital and orbital tourism, research, and transportation; pre- and post-flight medical screening and operations; medical provisioning tailored to individual needs and mission objectives; development of a commercial spaceflight physiological/medical database

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